Help with external json import would be greatly appreciated

Hi All, hope you are well,

I have made an extension that works, to a point.

The basic concept is I have an app I made in visual studio that grabs data from a particular game (civ 5) and uploads it to a website I own (it is https). I then want a twitch extension to be able to display this data so viewers have a better experience and can see how my game is going without me always having to answer the same question and show the same in game data.

The data is upload as a JSON formatted text string to something like (where example is my website)

I have the extension config and component pages loading and styled correctly. I am just having issues with grabbing the JSON data.

I have added my https website to all the allow lists on the capabilities section of the developer console and when I check the CSP on the config page I see it listed in the CSP text. However, when I move to hosted testing, if I try to click a link that is (where example is my website) I get a console error saying it violates the CSP policy.

The link is correct as when I copy and paste it in to the browser it displays the correct JSON data.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OK. I may have solved my own issue.

I needed to make some changes to my own server.