Help with my OBS setup

Hello Twitch Forum.

So. I did build this good pc a couple of weaks ago. I really love playing videogames, but mostly also playing and sharing it to other people from around the world. I’ve been watching twitch streamers for long time now and i was wondering. Will i be able to stream like this guy?

So. What i need help with is setting up my OBS. Whatever i change the OBS settings into, it keeps getting bad quality.
My pc specs are follwing
I5 4690k - Overclocked to 4.0
GTX 970 Strix Overclocked
And the internet connection is the following link:

I’ve seen many streamers having the same CPU as i do, but they could run so SMOOTH looking quality.
I know this CPU is not a quadcore, but if i can get a decent quality without getting “lag” issues then im happy!

If you think you can help me. I dont mind your age at all.
We can chat thru TeamSpeak3 or Skype

Hi @Its_Just_Tobi,

These forums are for developers, you might want to try post your question in the support forums .

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