Help with Twitch Integration Point System

Hello fellow developers! I just joined this community today since I am interested in making games with Twitch integration, and wanted to ask some help.

I have been trying to develop a game where the viewers could interact with the game by voting and inputing special commands in chat by paying “points”, like Party Hard. Viewers could get points by voting, and perhaps by other ways in the future.

While I managed to create a simple local voting system, I am confused with how to implement points, specifically how to save them and viewing them. I have thought of some methods.

  1. Create a “chatbot” on the streamer’s local PC. The game will catch all message from the chat and reply it if a command is given, e.g. a viewer types “!points”, and the game will reply a message “username has x points”. While undoubtedly the easiest answer, I am worried that the streamer PC will be flooded with messages, and I remember that there is a limit on how many message a user can send in a period of time on twitch.
  2. Create a chatbot in a dedicated server. Each streamer will need to connect to this chatbot, and does the same thing with 1, only since it is on a remote server, it will not be a burden to the streamer. I am new to the Twitch API, but there should be a function to differentiate between streamer for each viewer.
  3. Use a third party chatbot. I never use twitch chatbots for multiple accounts however, is there a way to use the same command configuration for multiple bot session, or should the streamer set it themselves?

Can anybody help me on this? Sorry if I didn’t know much, I am new to twitch API. Thanks!

The basic setup could be something like: streamer logs into your bot application (web or other) using their Twitch account, your bot looks for that registration event, joins their Twitch channel, and starts logging viewership.

The point system design would be up to you (e.g. X points per minute idle; +20% for X minutes when someone is actively chatting; 500 bonus points on cheer; 1000 on sub, etc. etc.).

Differentiating between streamers is simply differentiating which chat room your bot is in. Viewers is trickier as there isn’t a supported way to get a viewer list. There is an unsupported way to get a chatters list that many bots rely on. You can search and find it on these forums.

Hope that helps a bit!

Thanks for your help!

I have talked with my coworkers a bit, and we thought we don’t have enough time creating a new dedicated server for bots now. I THINK local bot could be an option since we only receive and send strings. Is there a twitch stress test for chats somewhere that I can use?

There isn’t a dedicated stress test chat room.

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