Hey, I'm coding a simple chatbot for my friend who just got into streaming and I need some help

I’m not sure if I used the right topic but as i said I’m coding a simple chatbot for my friend’s new channel.
I know the bare bone basics of JavaScript but not about twitch, I am specifically looking for all the “client.on” statements. Does anyone know all of these or where I can find them. I know three of them know: client.on(‘chat’), client.on(‘connected’) and client.on(‘subscription’) but I am assuming there are more of them so again does anyone know these and/or where I can find them?

Looking at the examples you’ve given, I assume you’re using the tmi.js library? If so you can find there documentation here: https://github.com/tmijs/docs/tree/gh-pages/_posts/v1.4.2 specifically the events docs will provide you with all of the events you can listen for.

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Yep, I was indeed using the tmi.js library. The for the link!

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