Hi Jbulava and colleagues!

First, thanks for hosting this Q&A! It’s really great to be provided the opportunity to send questions. Barry and Dist were really helpful!

I would love to know what improvements are you excited about that will help developers?

At CVS-Gaming we are really passionate when it comes to developing Twitch extensions.
So it would be great if there will be:

  • another competition for developers. That be would really awesome!
  • improvements to the store. Adding a trailer would be pretty huge.

It would be great if Twitch provides recommendations to streamers (let them know about the awesome extensions out there). I believe streamers are very routine and rarely explore on the extension page. It could use a cleanup btw. Remove some abandoned projects. ^.^

Good luck with the Q&A and hope to meet you someday at Twitchcon.

Cheers, Jeroenski

@CVS-Gaming an you open a uservoice for a trailer for extensions? I would love that!

Done! Please upvote.


@WLG3R Stay tuned for more info about a competition (can’t yet say more then that). Thanks for the idea, and filing it in uservoice, we will take a look!

That was meant for @CVS-Gaming I think.