As a streamer myself I struggle with getting new viewers or any viewer at all, especially since I do not speak english in my streams.

The current system makes it really hard for new streamers to get more viewers while the larger streamers get viewers “pumped up their asses” because of the ranking. Making it basically a “unfair” system.

I thought of a solution:
Why not create a proper system to highlight streamers? Not streamers that already are in the top 10 or top 25 of their game but streamers who show certain effort, who stream with passion or patience.

As an example based on time:
“Streamer XYZ is streaming for 5 concurrent days. Maybe you’ll find him entertaining.”
“Streamer XYZ is streaming 5 hours straight. Maybe give him a shot.”

“You’ve recently watched game ABC. Streamer XYZ might interest you”.

You could even add interest/hobbies of users and show streamers with the same interest/hobbies:
“I see you like ABC. Streamer XYZ also likes ABC.”

This would even create a better bond between streamer and viewer and not only the game he’s playing at first.

This way even streamers with 0 viewers could get a shot at getting viewers if they show that they try their best.

I can undestand why so many people using viewer bots with how the system currently works. This would somewhat reduce the usage of bots because it would make the current system a bit more fair.

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