Highlights Creation

I’ve been developing a web app to manage fighting game tournament streams. It currently grabs the timestamps for the start and end of each competitive set through the Twitch API. It also auto generates titles based on the player names and round.

Trying to highlight each set by copying and pasting every timestamp and title can become very tedious. Others have suggested highlights creation before, but I think this is a good use case. A lot of fighting game streams currently record sets locally and upload them to YouTube. Having a highlights creation API would completely remove the rendering and upload process for streamers and have it all automated through Twitch.

Twitch do have clips API here https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/api/reference#create-clip

But nothing to true highlights. Either way to do highlights right, you probably have to fudge the recorded timestamp backwards and forwards a bit. We tend to shunt a bit based off a noted time and do it manually anyway off a local record

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One option, if you are using OBS, is to use the replay buffer. You can also access this feature programatically. However, I have no experience using the OBS API personally, so I am no help on that front.

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