HLS Stream Links

I’m working on adapting Twitch streams to a set top box, and it runs on the WPE browser which does not support iframe/embed/object tags. Thus the only way for me to embed a stream would be by using the video tag. I can do this but only with a .m3u8 url which is HLS. I know that twitchls.com is a website (I’m not actually sure if its run by twitch) that has all streams in the .m3u8 format. Is there an aspect of the twitch API that would enable me to send a channel id and get an HLS link in return?

That is not a feature of the API and also a terms of service violation to access the HLS feed directly outside the player so you won’t find any assistance here.

So getting the HLS url for a stream is illegal?

So really there is no possible way to embed a twitch stream without either breaking the terms of service or using Iframe?


Its so taunting because it’s so easy to manually pull the HLS link but its nearly impossible to automate it xD

@george is correct. The only supported way is using our official embed.

Fair. I doubt it exists, but do you know if there is a way to embed the twitch play without using the iframe or embed html tag? The video tag would work, but as mentioned earlier I would need to set the src as an hls link.

The two documented ways above are the only supported ways. One is interactive (JS loads the video into a DIV) and the other is a non-interactive iframe embed.

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