Hola como puedo saber mi id

hola como puedo saber mi id

Your UserID?

Use the get users API

pero que tengo que poner en la barra esto https://api.twitch.tv/helix/users?login=&id=…

You want

If you have a user token and want to look up that ID for that token

Use the users oAuth token

That’ll get the user data for that token

If you don’t have a user token

Use the any oAuth token

That’ll get the user data for barrycarlyon

pero como consigo un token de oauth

The token types and how to obtain them are covered in the Authentication guide

creo que me he equivocado yo digo mi id de usuario

Then I don’t know what you are asking or what you want.

if you want to get your userID you must use the API
In order to use the API you need to generate a token.
You can use any kind of token to convert a username to an ID

You could do this via implict auth as per this example


gracias creo que es esto

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