Host Notification - AutoHost No Longer Being Sent

Hi. I’ve been using TMIjs for quite some time. I noticed lately that Twitch is no longer sending host notifications for auto hosts. I know this isn’t the TMIjs GitHub issues page however I have debugged their code to the point to where I can rule out that lib because I am not seeing Twitch sending these messages anymore.

Also, to take TMIjs out of the loop, I tested with Streamlabs SocketAPI and the same result (I have access to their SocketAPI). We receive messages for hosts, however not auto hosts. This not only affects our app but probably affects all Streamlabs users since you can show an alert based on auto hosts.

I don’t work for TMIjs or Streamlabs, I just wanted to check to see if not sending auto host messages anymore was intentional and if it will ever be coming back.

Are you logged into chat as the broadcaster?

Thanks for the reply. Yes I am. From everything I have seen, Twitch is not sending this type of notification anymore, even to Streamlabs.

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