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I have been trying to figure out how to get my bot to give a chat message when a channel is hosted. I know it is possible since other bots like Nightbot are doing it, but I can’t figure out how they are getting the information. Is there an API call I am missing or a usernotice?

It is as passed a as NOTICE but ONLY to the broadcasters chat. (I do not have a example of this message to hand)

There are also a number of undocumentedish end points kicking about

could it be made global to users, or something? I don’t like the idea of having the bot AND the broadcaster account connected just to catch “you have been hosted” events.

Use the API end point instead of listening on chat.

It’s been asked for but theres been no movement on it

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so I need to call that endpoint for every active channel every minute? That just seems like a bad idea. I know there are other bots (again nightbot, moobot) that post the notifications. I know they can do what ever with the endpoints since they are all verified, but the rest of us just have hope we don’t get throttled?

Um, thats not true. A verified bot doesn’t have a better Kraken API rate limit.

kraken doesn’t have a rate limit, other than “please don’t be a dick” and pinging the end point once per minute is fine, as you gotta take into account caching (stuff may not appear on the API for ~3 minutes)

The bots in question ping the API end point just like the rest of us. Or we use a chat_login for the broadcaster, (in the case of custom/secure/safe bots)

I was told at one point those two bots got special treatment because of how big they were, if that isn’t the case then that is fine.

I just assumed Kraken had a rate limit since the new api does.

There are indeed “several bots” that get “special treatment”*.

*By “special treatment”: They are very large programs that need a higher rate limit because of how many channels they manage (Which any developer can request to get as well). Whereas a small bot does not need to retrieve their channel information twice every second.

From my experience I believe that you don’t need to be logged into the broadcaster and chat bot account to receive the HOST notices in chat. Only that these chat messages get sent to the person doing the hosting and not the chat of the hostee. (I could be mistaken, but my bot doesn’t log in as the broadcaster and I recall seeing these notices)

So if you’re wanted to know when your channel hosts somebody and not when somebody else hosts you then simply refer to the following NOTICE documentation.


Host starts:

> HOSTTARGET #hosting_channel <channel> [<number-of-viewers>]

Host ends:

> HOSTTARGET #hosting_channel :- [<number-of-viewers>]

That wasn’t the “special treatment” OP was referring to. It was rumoured for a while that the larger bot creators had alternative access to certain things. Before rate limits or helix even existed

I said as much in my first reply on the thread.

OP is a little unclear but by since they refer to the other bots, I assume they are referring to inbound hosts to a channel, as outbound hosts are clearly documented in the docs that I’m sure everyone has read.

Just to be 100% clear, I know I can detect when a channel my bot is in hosts another channel. I have had lots of trouble figuring out when a channel my bot is in is hosted by another channel. The old Kraken link posted above is a start, but I was really hoping there would be a pubsub or usernotice for it that I just wasn’t aware of.

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