Hosted Test Status

Hi everyone,

When i change the status of my extension (Local Test => Hosted Test), nothing is show on my extension page configuration.

I didn’t receive any e-mail as expected with the Twitch documentation.

Do i need to activate something more ?

I’m building my extension with React if it can be usefull.


Check the console for any error messages, make sure you used to correct “root” folder for packing your assets ZIP, make sure all your dependencies are included in the upload (you can’t load any libraries or JS files from external sources)…

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See also this post

Also bear in mind my answer here about paths to assets

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Thanks for your answers and your time ! :smiley:

My mistake was to declared my routes like this (React-Router) :

<Route path='/config.html' component={Config} />
<Route path='/live-config.html' component={LiveConfig}/>
<Route path='/fullscreen.html' component={Fullscreen}/>
<Route path='/component.html' component={Component}/>

But as specify in your solutions @BarryCarlyon , the URL when an extension is hosted is not the same so i needed to change paths like that :

<Route path='**/config.html' component={Config} />
<Route path='**/live-config.html' component={LiveConfig}/>
<Route path='**/fullscreen.html' component={Fullscreen}/>
<Route path='**/component.html' component={Component}/>

o7 no problem. Glad you fixed it!