Hosting A Basic Chat Bot (PHP?)

Hello I’m a noob and I apologise!

I basically want to make and host a very basic chat bot, I have no idea where to even start and just need pointing in the right direction.

So I have a website which I want to link to a chat bot, I’m not actually planning on doing moderation or anything like that. I will just want my website to know who is in the chat, and have my website be able to post in the chat.

Does that make sense? I think I need a very basic chat bot, and as I intend this to be multi person, I think it needs to be a hosted IRC bot? I don’t mind paying for hosting as I believe a IRC bot can be resource heavy?

I am learning PHP, and am hoping I can most of what is needed with this?

Can someone point me to some documentation or give me a basic understanding of what I need to research as I am mega confused.


First of all, I would be very careful having a website being able to post to your chat. Make sure it’s behind some kind of login to verify who posts things trough it.

To see who is in chat on your website, the easiest way would be to use the twitch API for listing chatters (full API reference:

To interact with chat, create a socket connection to the chatservers in PHP. Have a look at the fsockopen documentation on how to do this:

The twitch reference on connection via IRC and commands is found here:

It is not really heavy on resources. I personally run a PHP based bot for a twitch channel on the $5 VPS plan on This since they have a location in San Fransisco, which as far as i have understood is also where the twitch chat servers are located. And I guess it should give me the lowest ping possible. But if you already have somewhere to run it from, I’m sure it will work just as fine.

I hope this is is enough to get you started. Let me know if you need more guidance or help.

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I just realized this topic was a year old. Silly me.