Hosts through PubSub

Now that Twitch no longer sends notifications to chat for users to keep the amount of spam down, is there a way that the host notifications could go through the PubSub api instead to make it easier for devs. The backend still exists, just there’s a viewer requirement now to it. This would function to accomplish the same goal of keeping the amount of spam down, but still allow people with custom bots/overlays to grab relevant information and not miss out on important hosts (like team hosts or specific casters who may not have anyone lurking in chat).

I ask because bits and subscription notifications are already functioning on PubSub, and it kind of makes sense to move hosts to it as well.

Send your bot into the channel(s) and consume the channel starting host notifications going out :stuck_out_tongue: Which’ll solve that particular problem (instead of needing the Caster’s chat_login oauth)

And yes, would love to have Host notifications over pubsub behind a suitable oauth.

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