Hotlinking thumbnail previews or download and redistribute?

I’m developing a site which may link to a live twitch stream taken from the results of the ‘streams’ api:

I’d like to be able to show a preview of the stream as well.

In the api response, there is a large, small, and medium ‘preview’ image link. Example:

"preview": {
     "small": "",
     "medium": "",
     "large": "",
     "template": "{width}x{height}.jpg"

My question is should I be hotlinking these images on my site or downloading and redistributing through my own site?
<img src="">
Redistributing myself:
<img src="">

The same question could also apply to the channel’s logo image as well.

For general web best practices, I would lean towards downloading+redistribute as it’s my site so I should be paying for the bandwidth. The advantage of hotlinking would be the preview image is always up to date and I don’t have to cache the preview myself periodically.

I couldn’t find any guidelines/recommendations on this elsewhere in the documentation.

Because it’s a matter of taste …
Do as you like, I would choose the first option “Hotlinking”

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