How can I be paid twitch?

Hi everyone I am a member on the site twitch a few days and I’d like to know how can I donate money to some players that are the payment methods ?
On that site I must go to see if we can do that day profit ?
In short what steps before filming me playing me to be paid at the same time .
Thank you.

  1. This isn’t dev related
  2. You can donate ONLY to streams that take donations.
  3. It’s up to them on what payment mehtods they wanna take, Twitch isn’t apart of the donations that’s all 3rd party.

Can you elaborate ?

This isn’t really the place for this question but I’ll tell ya about it. So there are two ways to support streamers on the site, one way is subscribing to them. Subscribing to someone means you pay $5 a month to that user, and in return you get a cool logo next to your name in chat, and you can use their special chat emoticons across all twitch chats. You will see this subscribe button right next to the follow button, not all streamers have a subscribe button because you must be partnered with twitch to get it. Next in donating to the streamer, not all streamers take donations but you can find out if they do by scrolling down to their panels (located under their stream). If you see something that say’s donate, just click on that and it will redirect you to the donation system they have, the most common way is through PayPal (you will need a paypal account to donate if so). Some people may have other options but PayPal is the best route.

When you donate to a twitch user’s its a 3rd party company who processes it for them, that tend to use paypal or another service.

So in short if you want to make money from the videos on live twitch or added in time , I must have a PayPal account you add to my profile I get better?

The only way to add non-live videos to your profile is to have Twitch record your past broadcasts, you cannot upload your own videos.

For all intents and purposes, yes, you’ll need a PayPal account if you wish to have people donate.

Otherwise, you’ll need to get partnered to make money, which generally requires a minimum of 200 average viewers and several streams per week to achieve (or joining a streaming group, but if you don’t have enough viewers to get partnered on your own, it’s unlikely that you’ll get enough subs to make any money off it anyway).

If you wish to start streaming, do so without the intent of making money. The people with the most success (interesting content and enough viewers to make money) are usually the ones who stream because they want to share their content with others. It may be a long road to get to that point, and if you don’t have the desire to keep streaming on your own (even if you’re not profiting from it), you might not last long enough to ever even get there.

Thank you guys for the answer !! :smiley:

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