How can I get a response from twitch when the stream has started?

If I understand correctly, then the following line is responsible for everything:

eventsub.EventSubClient(bot, webhook_secret='', callback_route='')

Then the question arises: what is a twitch webhook and how to create it/get the code. When I search for “twitch webhooks” I only see the API documentation

I also found 1 method and 1 class that seem to be responsible for notifications about the start of a stream, but the first depends on the second. How to use it?

twitchio.ext.eventsub.event_eventsub_notification_stream_start(event: [StreamOnlineData]) # 1
class twitchio.ext.eventsub.StreamOnlineData(client: [EventSubClient], data: [dict]) # 2

The TwitchIO room on the libraries discord might be of more use than waiting for a reply to al ibrary specific query

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