How can I get notified when a new VOD is uploaded?

I’d like to get a notification immediately when a specific streamer uploaded a VOD(at the end of a livestream.)
Is there any API supports this kind of notification? Or should I keep sending a request repeatedly?

No, suggestions to Uservoice

Yup. However: the VOD is born at the start of the live stream. So it’s not good to check at the end of the stream, except were noted at the end of this text

In Kraken it’ll have the state of “recording”
Under helix the “created_at” time will be the the same (give or take a few seconds) to the stream itself

So, wait for a stream to start, (you get the eventsub/webhook stream up) then a minute or so after that, call

And the only video returned will be todays VOD that is still being recorded. Check the created_at of the vod matches that of the stream (within a minute or two of each other)

Refetch that VOD by ID and you’ll see the duration increase.

When the stream ends, (and you get the eventsub/webhook stream down) check again, to check for VOD deletion.

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