How can i get steam id with twitch api?

Hello, i tried to search all the day how get linked steam account id of a twitch user but i saw only old methods. I searched from docs but i dind’t find nothing then i ask this question to you.

Then… how can i get steam account id linked to a twitch user?

Thanks in advance.
Have a good day.

You don’t, Twitch doesn’t disclose what other apps/services a user has connected to their account as it’s not the correct way to go about this sort of thing.

If you want to know a users Steam ID, you will need that user to go through a Steam OAuth flow so you’ll know their Steam ID, and also go through the Twitch OAuth flow for your app so you have their Twitch ID.

I asked that because i want to give a Rust (game) group when user subscribe to a twitch channel, i registered event for detecting that but i needed the steam id to do that.

P.S. The steam id is shown here, so I thought it was possible

Thanks for the answer.

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