How can i get streamer's events using api?

How can i get user’s activity using twtich api?

I need list of recent events of streamer in my portal ?

is there any api available for that ?

Please help!




Subscriptions and bits

What other events are you after if any?

I mean user’s activity that he is going to do in twitch like following, updating profile etc every single activity.

There is not a singular feed for that.

You would need to long poll a great many end points in order to obtain all of that information.

This also raises a data collection and retention concern.

Please make sure whatever you are doing or intend to do abides by the developer agreement you agreed to when creating a ClientID

Okay so, you mean to say i need to prepare data from all api and that need to represent on same location right ?

Correct, there are several API endpoints you’ll want to poll to “get streamer’s events”. Checkout the API docs. But Barry is right, make sure you know what you’re doing.

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