How can I get the follow link or impossible

How can I get the follow link or impossible? Becaue I wanna do the nightbot for auto-chatting like if someone chatting on my stream and tell the the viewers to click the follow link that the nightbot give-

I am not sure what you mean by “follow link” that is not really a “thing”

The only way to follow a channel/user are to go to their channel page.

A users channel page is the same name as their username.

thx for ur reply and the last thing I wanna know is how to complete the Affilliate of Twitch

Regarding the first question you’re asking, I think you’re referring to a link similar to what youtube has where you click the link, and the UI prompts you to subscribe to a channel. To the best of my knowledge, that doesn’t exist.

Regarding your second question, to get affiliate status, you have to do the milestones detailed in your dashboard of your twitch page. You can see your progress there.

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