How can I preview my extension in my channel? Can I?

I used the react boilerplate example on the rig.

I would like to see the example working on my channel, how would I go on about this? So far, I built the project and uploaded the files inside the dist dir as a zip (I don’t know if all this is necessary or could have been tested from localhost). I’ve installed and activated the extension.

I have not done the steps (OBS etc) to go live, as I don’t intend to, I just want to test the extension on dashboard/live

What are the steps for this? Is there some kind of guide?

if you are testing in the dashboard the dashboard/config boxes will work without being live.

if you mean to test the frontend code for the extension that shows over the video, on Twitch you HAVE to be live. Otherwise you need to create a view in the rig

Then you will not need to be live to look at your extension.

Ok, thank you.

I will try going live and see what happens…