How can I receive "chat has been removed" signal from IRC channel?

I’m working on building bots for streamers
that could alert to streamers who’s abusing or spamming in IRC

When streamer banned user,
in Twitch Messaging Interface (in PC Chrome),
I could see chats that were wrote by banned users about 10~15 seconds ago
are removed after streamer banned him/her

so there must be a signal send to Interface from twitch like
"someone is banned, remove those message which was sent by him/her"

I want to get this for get my bot learned what kind of messages are being banned

I can’t find this kind of methods or message from IRC channel
is there a way to get this signal from twitch IRC channel? (receiving by socket connection)

Sounds like you want the CLEARCHAT IRC command. In order to receive this command from Twitch when a user gets banned or timed out, you need to request the /commands capability outlined in the IRC guide. You can also request the /tags capability to append IRCv3 tags to the message that will give additional information outlined here.

Thanks exactly what I needed!!

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