How can I see these specific response headers?

I am using Twitch’s API to gather data for a web app I’m developing.

Per the documentation,

Keeping track of your usage
The API includes the following headers with each response to help you stay within your request limits.

Ratelimit-Limit - The rate at which points are added to your bucket.
Ratelimit-Remaining - The number of points in your bucket.
Ratelimit-Reset - A Unix epoch timestamp that identifies when your bucket is reset to full.

However, when I make the request in Postman, I don’t see it.

They are in the header response section (I didn’t screenshot the remaining half of the responses).

Am I looking in the wrong place?

I’ve looked in the Headers Response section of the API request I made. Additionally, I looked in the Headers Requests section in the console too.

The IGDB API has different rate limits to the Twitch API

So you are looking for headers that doen’t exist

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