How can I send a whisper?

Hello, I want to whisper the reply of ‘whisper test successful’ when the word ‘whisper’ is written in the chat via ChatBot. Where am I making mistakes? I am using Tmi.js


client.raw("PRIVMSG #gulsahky :/w " + user.username + "whisper test successful <3");

should be

client.raw("PRIVMSG #gulsahky :/w " + user.username + " whisper test successful <3");

You are added whisper to the end of each username you are trying to send to

I ran the code again as shown in the code preview and wrote ‘whisper’ in the channel gulsahky, but I did not get an answer. I also tried adding tags to the end. ‘whisper @emlrcn

PRIVMSG #gulsahky :.w someuser whisper test successful <3

Is the syntax I usually use but I don’t often sent whispers due to deliverability issues

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