How can l use this drops api,everyboy,who can hlep me!

The first time I docking Drops API documents, now the process steps are very vague. Have docking PHPer get other program friends, can you help me.
Who can say what this docking process looks like. How do users associate with the game I set up in the background and drop treasure。
The document is not very clear。
URL:Drops | Twitch Developers


How far in the process are you currently?

Have you registered your Organisation on the Twitch Dev Console

Have you claimed ownership of the game on Twitch that your organisation developed/publishes

If you have done those steps, what part of the Drops guide are you getting stuck on? explains it step by step, what the prerequisites are, how to create Drop Rewards, how to create a Drops Campaign, How to test the Drops, how viewers can link their account. It’s all there, so what specifically are you having trouble with?

Hello, now I have finished the page of steam authentication and twitch account Association. Excuse me, how about the process of chubao? For example: an ordinary tourist, into the live time will appear to drop treasure tips? What kind of process is it? 2. how can I connect and send the user to the game to receive the treasure drop reward


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