How do distribute a chatbot I made in Glitch?

Hey all! Still a bit of a newbie with this kind of stuff. My programming knowledge isn’t SUPER out there at the best of times, but this is the first time trying to do something web-based. I’ve managed to make a chatbot on Glitch which currently works for the channel I’ve pointed it to, but now I would like to set something up so I can put it on a webpage / github page and let people click an “add to my channel” button or something like that, so other people can use it too.

How do I go about this? What are my next steps? Will it remain hosted on glitch or is it something I have to export to something else…? I’ve been googling for a couple of hours now and I’m still nonethewiser than I was earlier :sob:

Any help and advice would be appreciated, thank you!


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