How do I completely delete an extension?

I’ve created several test extensions as I was trying to learn about extensions and deleted them all. When I look in my developer console, I see that I no longer have any extensions. However, when I search for these extensions in the creator dashboard I can still see them. How do I delete them so it’s like they never existed?

Seems you don’t

It’s a bug in the “invite” section of the dashboard. It’s been on/off as a issue the last few days.

OK. Does that mean that my extension is fully deleted and it showing up is just a bug? Would it be possible for me to reuse the extension name if I were to create another extension?

I just tried this and I still can’t use the name. Is this behavior part of the bug or is this intended? Do I just have to use a different name every time I create an extension?

This behavior is expected, but could be changed sometime in the future. For now, I would recommend using a different name when creating an Extension.

Thanks for the info. I’ll use throw-away names next time I create a test extension.