How do I get a channel ID?


I’m trying to make a GET request for the amount of followers a specfic user has.
So I can add a counter in my discord server, how do I GET a url request for follower count, I know I need the channel ID but I dont know how to get that.

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Lets you get a user ID from a username

Or lets you get a userID from a bearer token

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@BarryCarlyon I didn’t see where you can get the follower count in there.

I’ve used$ to get the userId from a username.

Then i can use to get who they’re following. But I can’t seem to find where I can get a follower count for a user/channel.

user asked for the ID of the channel

Once you have the userID then you can get the follow count from the appropriate API which is also on the same page that I linked to.

And directly beneath the Get Users docs

You want to_id for people following a channel

For example, then read the total from the response


Ah okay

missed the from_id vs to_id detail.

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