How do I migrate if it's a google extension?

Good, I want to know how a strema is online, based on what I was looking for I found this.
End point:

From there we are fine, my clientid believes me.

Follow the steps in that link.

Then I check and it tells me that I have to move to a v5.

The question that I am looking for information and I do not understand how to pass. Does anyone have a guide?

The linked blog post is six years old (2016).

The linked blog post tells you how to update your code to work with changes made to kraken, six years ago.

Kraken was removed from service as the end of Feburary this year (2022)

For get streams you need to migrate to using

Which will require both a clientID and an access token.

For a Google Chrome Browser extension you would need to do obtain an implicit auth token from the user

Clear. I already got the question that the only way I can connect that way is with this chrome.identity - Chrome Developers Because if I do it full javasript I never get the token. Do you know another way keeping the implicit authentication

A solution would be

  • Chrome Extensions opens a popup that goes to Twitch (using response_type token
  • User accepts (of declines) the link
  • User is redrected to your website
  • Your website grabs the #accesstoken and then relays the access token to the extension, or directs the user to copy/paste it into an extension configuration field.

Other solutions might exist but it’s a “how do I build a Chrome extension” thing.

Sure, do some research and this is the only way at the moment using the chrome api

Let there be a popup window, and return the url with the token. The question that does not support it for example in Opera. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in developer mode. Look in opera and nothing.

So I’m seeing what I do, I’m going to try to find another way to open a pop-up window or else copy and paste.

Maybe I’m in development mode, hopefully that’s why. And using the extension in opera.

I imagine that if I publish it and then download it, it will work for me. (Because I understand that Opera supports it). Hopefully it will be like that.