How do I submit customer's extension to approvement?

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I’m building an extension just make sense running it in my customer’s channel (my first extension), but while I don’t finish it I’m building in my profile.
Now, I need to submit to approvement. As I understood it, the Twitch need to the channel get online for some hours to do that approvement.
The channel of my customer can’t get online at any time.

How I need to behave with that?

Is it possible the extension be evaluated at my channel and after that I transfer it to my customer’s channel?

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You can specify the test channel is your channel.

All my extensions are submitted for approval with my test channel as the testing channel and I use FFMPEG to keep a stream always on for review purposes.

if it’s a whitelisted extension, you’d have you in the testers list and your customer in the broadcasters whitelist.

For example

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thank you!!