How do i upload panel extension?

hello, I have created a twitch panel extension first time and I have no idea how to upload it and make it available online for installation. I have seen Twitch extension documentation and I did not find how to upload the extension. If anyone knows how to do it, please share your knowledge.

right now i am stuck here no idea where to go next ?

You zip the files you created from the folder that has those files in and they are uploaded to the same place that you created the extension ClientID/Version(s)

@BarryCarlyon thankyou for your response some how i succeed to upload my assets and i have install the extension too in my panel but there is one problem after installing extension it is not displaying anything its just empty

Check for the following:

  1. does your zip file contain a folder with the files in the folder or just the files? It should be just the files
  2. Did you include a script tag to the Extension Helper Library
<script src=""></script>
  1. Did you use relative or absolute links in your files. Extensions are uploaded to a sub folder of the Twitch Extensions domain

  2. Check the Chrome inspector for errors, 404ā€™s or other issues

1: the zip folder i uploaded it contains folders and re-upload the zip folder which contains only files
Now my folder contains:

2: <script src=""></script> this tag is already present in panel.html. and i found this code in helper.js

debugger; const local = window.frameElement.attributes.getNamedItem('helperUrl'); const online = ''; const el = document.createElement('script'); el.src = local ? local.value : online; document.head.appendChild(el);

it was commented before I uncomment this code.

3: Relative and Absolute both types of links I have used in panel.html
4: no 404 errors

@BarryCarlyon thanks to you, now Iā€™m seeing my extension in the panel but the data I was rendering through API it is not fetching because in the console Iā€™m seeing these errors.

why it is refusing to load jquery CDN?

You cannot use jQuery from a CDN

2.8 All front-end HTML, CSS, and Javascript files used by your extension must be included in the zip file for your assets. You should not include extraneous files or code not used by your extension.

I save jQuery in a local file now its working fine. thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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