How do I view the follower count of multiple channels at once?

As the title suggests, I want to check the number of followers of multiple channels (broadcasters) at the same time.
I know that other GET APIs allow you to continue adding parameters by treating them with &.

Among the Twitch APIs, why can only one broadcaster_id be entered in “”?” I wanted to use it like this, but it didn’t work.

Of course, the current API response was total, which did not seem appropriate for receiving multiple data at the same time.

When I call the API like this: “”,

response {
data:[ {broadcaster_id=12345, total=111}, {broadcaster_id=67890,total=10} ]
I would like to receive a response like this all at once.

The reason is that the rate-limit is too small to search a large number of creators.

And above all, users do not log in
Because I want to provide data.

Isn’t there a better way?

The stated API only supports one broadcaster at a time.

Thank you for quick response.

It’s a shame that only one broadcaster is supported at a time T.T

Is there any other API that supports multiple broadcasters at once?

A number of endpoints support specifying multiple entities please refer to the documentation for the endpoints you are interested in to see if they do Reference | Twitch Developers

As you said.
Although many endpoints support specifying multiple entities,
The “helix/channels/followers” endpoint I mentioned at the beginning not only does not support multiple broadcasters…
I couldn’t find any other endpoints that could check a broadcaster’s total number of followers.

When Googling, I found that the API before Helix actually provided better features.
Although everyone is waiting for that time
Twitch is still not providing it.

Perhaps, in order to implement this function, I have to collect slowly over a long period of time due to rate-limit,

I can picture users being disappointed by this lengthy collection process and the fact that data is not updated quickly…

I think I’ll have to stop looking for a better way.
Thank you for answering to the end.

it was unclear you were being specific about followers information your question was written in a general way

Providing what?

if you have broadcaster (or moderator) authentication of the channels in question EventSub can be used to notify you of new followers and you can increase the total that way, then periodicially resync to account for unfollows/bot removals

Broadly speaking followers is a useless metric and doesn’t really tell you anything about the channel.

There are other metrics that might be of more use, but it depends on what you are trying to do/what your product does. Theres a bunch of possibilties that could be of use.

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