How do I zip the required files for hosted testing?


I’m a little new to this process and just making extensions in general, if i’m using the dev rig how/what do I need to zip so I can upload the assets for hosted testing?

This is my file tree made by the dev rig for reference


Highlight the files and zip

Do NOT highlight a folder and zip the folder.

IE the contents of public from your imgur, not public itself

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The public folder only contains the html files for config, mobile, panel, etc though, no other files

I create a folder/dir and place all my public assets in there for organization and then select those files and folders/dirs to zip/compress.

For example my “organizational” folder/dir contains:


where /js, /css, /graphics are folders/dirs containing files or folders/dirs and config.html and panel.html are files.

Also make sure your css and javascript files are not externally linking. That is, copy all your js/css to a file that you will include with your public assets upload.

Yes. Those are the files you upload for hosted test and eventually release…

You don’t upload the developer rig itself…

I was missing the fact that you had to run yarn build for it to also populate the bundle.js files for each as well along with those html files in the public folder into the /dist folder. Thank you!

Thats incorrect.

You just built and uploaded the developer rig, not the extension you wrote.

yarn build builds the “production” version of the rig and is unrelated to the extension assets

Sorry for the late reply, are you saying that zipping these files populated by yarn build was incorrect?

Because it did work, however obviously I don’t want to be doing the wrong thing haha. Upon making changes i’ve been running yarn build to update the files in that folder and re-zipping it, it’s been working. But if i’m also zipping unnecessary files i’d want to know as well.


Yarn build creates a build in the build folder. Not the dist folder…

I have no idea why your yarn build did something else.

As per yarn build calls which builds the developer rig for release. It’s nothing to do with packaging your extension itself.

Rechecking your screen shot. Most of the contents do not match the layout of

So in summary, I have no idea what your yarn build has done as it does not match the developer rig