How do we fetch Twitch Prime subscriptions?

I’m fetching data from but it doesn’t seem to take Twitch Prime users into account. How can we find out?

What do you mean doesn’t take Twitch Prime into account?

As far as I know, they’ll show up as a “regular” sub, but there is no flag to distinguish them from xsolla or paypal customers.

My bad. I must’ve misunderstood the numbers.

The only way that I am aware of right now is just on a message by message basis - in the badges tag, it passes:


which is indicative of Twitch Prime.

Not aware of an API endpoint for it yet.

But that only works if the user is shown their prime badge as apposed to their turbo or bits badge I believe.

iirc badges shows what badges the user has chosen/not chosen to show in chat. (Sub badge they have no control but turbo/bits/prime are optional/can be turned off)

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Yeah, so at best it’s not even perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

For now, Prime is synonymous with Turbo (but not the other way around as there are still active subs to it), but if they hide or show cheering badge in its stead, then…out of luck until an API endpoint is created.

By the same margin there is no API endpoint for Turbo itself. So I don’t think there will be one for Prime

True and there really isn’t a business purpose for Dev’s to have access to that information or at least, I cant think of any! So beyond what we receive (with what users decide to show), I doubt we’ll see anything else.

I’m led to believe the information is in the partner data dumps.

Prime subscriptions? I suppose it’d be interesting to know how many people subbed to you did so with a “free subscription”. It’d be interesting to see if an identifier was added to the /:channel/subscriptions API endpoint, since if you have OAUTH access to that already, there could be some benefit to breaking down subs between “Prime” and “Non-Prime”.

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It’s probably too secret to be in the “open” API even with oauth.

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