How do you get estimation of subscription per month

Couple questions

I am currently using t o get a list of subscription a streamer have

Which gives

BroadcasterID    string `json:"broadcaster_id"`
BroadcasterLogin string `json:"broadcaster_login"`
BroadcasterName  string `json:"broadcaster_name"`
IsGift           bool   `json:"is_gift"`
GifterID         string `json:"gifter_id"`
GifterLogin      string `json:"gifter_login"`
GifterName       string `json:"gifter_name"`
Tier             string `json:"tier"`
PlanName         string `json:"plan_name"`
UserID           string `json:"user_id"`
UserName         string `json:"user_name"`
UserLogin        string `json:"user_login

I want to get the total number of subscription per month, but the problem is that the api doesn’t give time boundary for each subscription

So here is my question

  1. Is there a way to estimate payout (# of subscription) a streamer get for a particular month?

  2. is there a way to figure out if the subscription comes from prime or not?

  3. Since each viewer can only hold one subscription per streamer, what happen in the case of gifted subscription count exceed viewer count, do those subscription get padded to later month?

  1. you could count the number of active subs and the tiers they have and estimate from there
  2. not from the API no, prime is just another way to “pay” for tier 1
  3. The black box of doom will assigns gifts to followers whom are not there or random people it decides could be a good fit, or to people whom have never watcher before, in rare cases the “gift bomb” won’t complete and the gifter is refunded the difference

@BarryCarlyon Thanks for the reply

A quick follow up question on 1. Since subscription starts and end at arbitrary time (30 days) for example we can start at 4/29 and end at 5/29, in that case , do the streamer get paid for april or may for that particular subscription?

And what happens if the user cancels subscription? Does the streamer still get paid, and the subscription just won’t renew?

I don’t know the documentation doesn’t provide that information

I don’t know the documentation doesn’t provide that information

The API lets you make a broad estimate only.
The dashboard for the streamer provides the most accurate data

Also worth noting that as local pricing roles out to more countries, and the streamers revenue adjustment changes over the next 12 months, it will be impossible to accurately calculate income from subscriptions through the API as different subs will cost different amounts even if they are the same tier. The only accurate source of income through subscriptions is the broadcaster dashboard.

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