How do you grab a given user's bio text and rules?

I’ve been looking and looking in the New Twitch API but cannot find a whole bunch of things such as:

  1. How do you grab a user’s bio text? (I don’t mean the short “description” but the actual text underneath their stream rectangle.)
  2. How do you grab a user’s “rules” text?
  3. How do you follow a user? (Not with the old, unsupported, soon-to-be-removed API.)


The profile boxes? You don’t there is no official API for that

Ditto, there is no official API for that

That functionality only exists in v5/kraken at the time of writing.

That’s really problematic for my bots… They were supposed to look for certain keywords and only talk if the user is relevant. :confused:

Sounds like you are building a bot that may break the TOS is you are scraping for that data and sending unsolicted messaging to chat based on whats in users profile boxes.

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