How does the EventSub subscription works?

Hello !
I’m working on the eventsub system with my backend and I’m a little lost about how this works with the subscribe and sub gift callback :

  • When someone subscribe for more than 1 month at once, will the subscribe event trigger every month until the sub is finished ? Because there is no sub duration in the event…
  • I saw that there is a [Channel Subscription Message] event with the information I need but i think this one is only triggered if the user agree to send the message in the chat, am I right ?
  • What events are triggered if someone resub or upgrade his sub (going from T1 to T2 for instance) ?

Thanks a lot for your help ! :slight_smile:



you’ll get a message on channel.subscribe when they sub
you’ll get a message on channel.subscription.end when/if the sub expires
you’ll get a message on channel.subscription.message if/when they share the monthly message in chat.

Correct, it’s a copy of the messages sent to chat

Off hand I don’t know.

I expected a channel.subscribe with the new parameters (the tier) of the subscription.

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Thanks for your answer ! :smiley:
It seems the event sub system is a little lacking regarding the subscriptions ! I hope it’ll evolve in the future !

Worth noting: There is no reason to send an eventsub everymonth for a multi month sub, as there isn’t a topic that does that.

Event sub broadcasts when a sub starts and ends and when it’s shared in chat.
So a multi month will trigger when it starts, when it ends and when a user shares in chat.

All resubs if not shared in chat trigger nothing on a monthly basis. There currently isn’t a “this sub is still running” message. UserVoice for that is here: Please provide an event sub that emits "resub payments" – Twitch UserVoice however that logically won’t trigger for a month in a multi month sub as no payment has occured.

However you can request additions to eventsub via uservoice:

Thanks ! Yeah, I understand it’s useless but the number of month for the sub should be usefull for some people. For instance, I need it, because I want to give instant reward for each sub in my extension, so if someone buy 3 month of sub, he should get 3 times the instant reward…

Then you might want to collect from chat or pubsub until the dat ais added to EventSub.

Just make sure to add a uservoice!

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