How Does Twitch Handle Higher Bitrates

I am a streamer who streams to multiple platforms via Streamlabs, and recently I’ve undertaken the age old endeavor to increase my quality. In addition to Twitch I stream to Mixer and YouTube and their max accepted bitrate is 8mbps for Mixer and 10mbps for YouTube. If I were to stream at 10mbps would it just max out for twitch at 6mbps, or would it literally stream to twitch at 10mbps and make it extremely difficult for viewers to watch?

I’m trying to use the same ideology that I used to use for my YouTube uploads where I would record at 30ish mbps and render out the video at say 25-30mbps and have it look sharper that it would have if I uploaded at the recommended bitrate for YouTube at 1080p. In doing this Youtube is effectively compressing a higher bitrate video into a lower bitrate video and therefore it retains more detail, similar to downscaling a higher resolution to a lower one, the effective image becomes sharper because you are compressing more pixels into a smaller space.

Does twitch handle it the same way, by taking the higher bitrate image and compressing it into its max bitrate of 6000, or does it simply only register up to that point and disregard any more bitrate that is coming in? In all honesty either of those scenarios would be good for me, I just don’t want there to be any adverse affects to streaming at a higher bitrate than the max twitch allows. Thanks for any and all help, have a good one guys! +)

Twitch does not cap you, you will be streaming at the bit rate you set and if that is the case it is against TOS IIRC to stream past the max 6000 bit rate and if you do you will be subject to ban also if you are affiliated on twitch you are not allowed to stream to other platforms at the same time that you are broadcasting to twitch

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