How is subscription start date calculated?

I’m working on a website for a client that uses the subscription start date to calculate the amount of months a user has been a subscriber for.

For many people, this works, however there are a handful that are saying that the date they subscribed that I’m displaying isn’t correct.

Does Twitch handle the date for this differently than what they show in the Subscriptions part of the Account Settings on their site? I can’t see any other values to pull from the API, and from the documentation I read and other forum posts I’ve been seeing, I’m grabbing the correct date.

For reference, this is the API call I’m using: (Pulling subscriptions.created_at.)

Any suggestions?

The people “complaining” likely had a gap in their subscription long enough to cause a “new” streak, and people don’t realise this.

The created_at date in is correct.

Thats the "created_at": "2013-02-06T21:33:33Z", in the example packet, not the created_at inside the user object.

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Yup! I am definitely using the one in subscriptions, not user.

I had suspected that, but I wanted to be sure it wasn’t something I was doing wrong.

Thank you for your confirmation! :smile:

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