How join rate limits are imposed


I’m in the process of writing a bot that I’d love to be in 100’s of channels.

I was wondering how join rate-limits work. My situation is:

  1. I start/restart my bot
  2. It checks it’s database for all of the channels it should be in
  3. I open X number of connections to servers
  4. It starts to join the channels

If the bot is supposed to be in 300 channels my build/startup time would be at least 90 secods with the current join rate limits (50 per 15 secs over one connection).

If i spead my joins over multiple connections (let’s say 6 so that i can join all 300 at the same time) will my bot be banned/locked out because im only using one oauth for the 300 joins?

Only one way to find out :stuck_out_tongue:

You shouldn’t no. As it’s a per connection thing.

JOIN/auth limits cannot be bypassed by multiple connections.

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