How to avoid notifications when someone refollows?

in a scenario that someone is already following a channel, but unfollows.
his user info disappears from
but if he refollows, his info goes to to the 1st position link.

how to know when a user is a ‘new’ follower?

If you refollow you are creating a new relationship, not reinstating the original so moving to the front of the list makes sense. If you want want to determine “new” followers you’ll have to keep track who was following in the past and ignore them if they refollow.

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thats what i was hoping to avoid, but i’ll just have to keep all the followers in a DB.
thx for the reply!

It kind of depends on your reason for doing it. If you just want to prevent them from being able to follow/unfollow rapidly and thereby troll the alert system, you can just temporarily store them and don’t need to persist indefinitely in a DB.

If you want a more accurate representation of how long someone has been following, it’s probably best to go ahead and persist them in a DB with a created_at field instead or relying on the order of appearance.

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