How to check if viewer follows the broadcaster from extension

For my extension I need to check if viewer follows the channel to show him content only for followers.

There is a deprecated method which works with helix token (for now) /helix/users/follows?to_id=, but if will be disabled in August.

There are also the following method (but they require token scopes):
/helix/channels/followed?user_id=123456 requires user:read:follows
/helix/channels/followers?broadcaster_id=123456 requires moderator:read:followers
/helix/streams/followed?user_id=141981764 requires user:read:follows
Maybe there is a way to obtain one of these scopes with extension helper library? (like window.Twitch.ext.actions.requestIdShare)

Also for subscribers we can enable (in twitch developer console) flag “Subscription Support” and use window.Twitch.ext.features.isSubscriptionStatusAvailable with window.Twitch.ext.viewer.subscriptionStatus to check if viewer is subscribed, is there a similar way to check if viewer follows the broadcaster?

There is not. A uservoice would be required for this functionality.
And I doubt that would get worked on any time soon.
I had a similar one in for the ban related scopes that is languishing

The optimal approach would be, on the config page as part of setup you would ask the broadcaster to oAuth and grant the permission.


Then your EBS would retain the token broadcasters token and refresh it as needed

So then your frontend would call the backend and the backend can do the follow check and return that to the front end.

Then you don’t have the viewer double auth. And it’s not nice to be asking the user to leave the page to authenticate externally perodicially to get a token just to check if a user follows the channel. So it’s more optimal to get the broadcasters auth instead