How to check user account is banned/deactivated?

Hi all!

How I can to check if user account get ban/deactivated in twitch?
In all the twitch, not in the some chats

In docs for hellix api I cannot find this method, or method which return that field


The short answer is that there’s no documented way to see if a user is banned or deactivated on Twitch.

I can get that information from other few methods?

I need it in my client application on javascript.

You can’t tell the difference between an account that’s been user deleted/twitch deactivated and one that is Twitch banned.

Maybe user get some errors in authorization process if his account was banned/deactivated?

If a users account is banned/deactivated on Twitch then they can’t go through your auth process in the first place.

What is your use case for needing to know if an account is banned on twitch or decatived?

I need to implement automatic user verification according to our criteria when registering in our application.

In our registration form user authorize in our apps, next I need to do this steps:

  1. check if user get more 1000 followers
  2. check if user not get bans or deactivated

Well like has already been mentioned, there’s no supported methods to do 2. although if they are banned or deactivated they wont be going through your auth process in the first place.

For 1. though you can simply have the user go through an auth process and then use the get user followers endpoint to check how many followers they have.

Now I use to twitch, because we need to be sure that the channel specified by the user really belongs to him.

If a banned user cannot log in, can you tell me how I can reproduce and test this to handle such cases?

As I understand it, I can’t just send my account to ban so that it can be tested?

Well if you want to test it yourself, go and violate Twitch’s ToS and then report yourself, do that a few times so you get more than a warning and get a suspension and you’ll be able to see for yourself.

If you need to be sure a channel really belongs to a user, that’s the point of the auth process. No one can go through the auth process with an account other than one they have access to.

Ok, thank you, you really help me!

A banned user cannot login to Twitch.

So they cannot return to your site as a valid user.

So you can’t test it

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