How to create a Twitch live stream without repeating it in the channel?

I want to know how to create a live stream on Twitch that is real-time and does not repeat in the channel. Other products allow users to create live streams with the same start and end times, and they can continue to create live streams without generating a looping broadcast. However, our product can only create live streams for a fixed time period.

Do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish this?
This is our APP create the stream.

If you refer to creating one off schedule events

Please refer to the help guide for schedule Twitch Help Portal

The schedule page is just a guide of what is a streamer may stream
and a shcedule entry doesn’t need to exist for a user to stream.

If you want to stream jsut send video data to the injest. A schedule item is not required first.

You do not need to “create” a schedule item to stream.

If we do not create a schedule item, the APP of our development cannot change the title.

Then thats a you problem

Does not require a schedule item to exist.

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