How to determine if a Username is going to be Recycled

Chat extension capabilities are limited, so I’m looking at creating a chat bot for my extension.

However, there is a Twitch account with my extension’s name. This account has 2 views; is following 5 channels; and has no profile picture or other information that I see. So it appears this channel is just “squatting” on the username, since there are so few views.

From the Username Rename and Recycling Policies, the username appears to be breaking #3 of the policy: that is, there are few views (one view which is mine), which may indicate lack of activity.

In addition, I have registered a website with my extension name and am trying to grow this as a Twitch business: Build a business.

How do I determine if this account is close to being recycled or claim this inactive account, so I can use it for my extension…email support, etc?

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You don’t

The number of views it has and the channels they are following is in no way a definitive indicator of activity.

There are hundreds of thousands of active users who don’t stream so there’s very little reason for anyone to go to their channel and so have little or no views. There are many users who just ‘browse’ Twitch, or go direct to their favourite streamers so following channels isn’t important to them.

The user may also be using their Twitch account as a login for a site, or have their Twitch account connected to games they play, or any other of the many completely valid ways for them to use their Twitch account. Don’t assume it is “squatting” as there isn’t sufficient information to know how they use their account.

If an account is still functional, it is best to assume it is still active and wont be recycled.

And even then, if the account is deactivated this is no guarantee when it’s username will become available to be reregistered, if at all

Got it. Developers cannot determine this; however, Twitch certainly can.

@Dist Thank you for your input, but I think you missed the crux of the question.

Some possible ways to try to claim this username are:

  1. Whisper the Twitch account in question (However the username was not showing up in whispers.)
  2. Email Twitch support to determine if this account can be claimed.

any others?

  1. Thats not claiming the account.

Thats agreeing with the account owner to transfer it to you

  1. Thats a possible route but usually falls under the Trademark parts for just taking an account.

Your original post is about the termination and recycling of an account that is unused. Not about how to acquire ownership of an account that is not yours which is totally different.

Of course it’s a way to try to claim the username.

Violating trademark is #1 under the policy, which I may explore. #3 may also be in violation but Twitch will have to determine if the account is in use.

Here’s my question again:

This question is ultimately about trying to figure out how to claim a potentially inactive account with my extension’s name.

It appears contacting Twitch’s email support will be the only way to determine if the account is inactive and capable of being claimed.

Twitch’s Recycling Policy is outlined here

Which you already linked to.

We cannot help you further