How to determine when a user last subscribed?

I’m looking at the subscription endpoint documented here:

and there are 3 dates stored within the JSON:

“created_at”, “subscriptions.created_at”, and “subscriptions.updated_at”

Is there any reference as to what data is stored in each field (which one of these holds the last subbed time)? I have a bot that is subscribed to my own channel, but none of his dates matches the email twitch sent me indicating my sub period (off by a either a few days or months depending on which time field I look at)


Update: It does look like the correct field is “subscriptions.updated_at”, but under observations, there are 2 caveats.

  1. The user must press the ‘share’ button in channel when their monthly anniversary is up.
  2. There is a significant delay before the JSON is updated to reflect the change (somewhere between 1-4 hours?)

Take these observations at face value, and it’s hard to test these things :smile:

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