How to display pictures for channels

I want to create a web page to display some pictures which link to twitch channels on the site.
The problem is, for each channel, I need to call the /channels/:channel API to get the logo for the channel. This will create a performance issue if I want to display many channels. I wonder what’s the best way to do this.
And from the API, it seems I need to set the client_id header in order not to get rate limit. But where can I apply for the client_id?

You can get a client_id by registering the application in your connection settings on Twitch. The client id doesn’t really make much of a difference at the moment, but it’s a good idea to register and use it to future-proof the application better.

Even though you can do all the needed API queries immediately, it will still take time.

The best way would be to show a loading screen or a placeholder image until loaded. If possible, caching the page and/or images will help as well.

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