How to enable past broadcast using api

Hello guys, I am using twitch api to live users channel and now i need to get the users past broadcasts and i search a lot about this but did’nt get a single clue. If there is any api to enable past broadcast so please suggest me.

There is no public API for enabling a user’s past broadcasts. You will have to direct your users to this page:


Where “:username” is their username.

But here’s how it works anyways:

They send a PUT request to with form data like this: save_vods=true. You can’t use this though, I’ve tried. It requires a special OAuth token that 3rd party developers cannot get. Even then I think it requires something else to commit the change. Here’s the data you get back:

	"id": "user id",
	"name": "user name",
	"delay_length": 0,
	"hls_segment_duration": 0,
	"save_vods": true,
	"stream_key": "--",
	"authorized_stream_keys": [],
	"delay_controls_enabled": false

Thanks alot Alca i will try this soon.

Again, it doesn’t work for 3rd party developers. You have to just link your users to the dashboard settings.

Okay got it.

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