How to fix never-ending "Waiting for login from separate window..." message?


I’m trying to embed the chat from the “8ball_TV” channel in the site. To test this feature, I’m developing locally on localhost. Here is the iframe i’m using:


Steps to reproduce:

  1. In the iframe’s chat message box, write a message.
  2. Click “Chat”.
  3. Observe dialog that reads “Login will open in a separate window”, and click “Log in” button.
  4. Observe a newly opened browser window that is pointing to “
  5. Log in to twitch account OR see that you’re already logged in.
  6. Navigate back to the browser window pointing to my site.

Expected Results: Chat box should now function after a successful login message
Observed Results: A dialog with text that reads “Waiting for login from separate window…” and a spinner. This dialog never goes away.

Hi samdealy . I am also trying to embed the chat from booking_advisor to REMOVED. I am experimenting on local host . The same step I am following that you have mentioned above.
Step to Reproduce
In this section at step 4 how can I find that is pointing to “”
actually I am stuck here and searching their solution. Kindly Could you plz guide me to sort out this step.

Try using the “Embed Everything”

You should get better mileage than using the “dumb” iframe solution

Your parent needs to be localhost, not 8balltv since your domain is localhost when on localhost

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